Sphynx and Bambino Information Page (2024)

Is A Sphynx Or Bambino Right For Me?

First, What is the Difference Between a Sphynx and a Bambino?

The Bambino is a Sphynx cat that carries a genetic mutation that causes the long bones in the legs to be much shorter. This was achieved by an out-cross breeding between the Sphynx and the Munchkin cat to bring this naturally occurring dominant gene into the Sphynx gene pool. Interestingly enough, the Sphynx and Munchkin breeds today both originated from domestic shorthair litters that had a naturally occurring genetic mutation.Simply put, a Bambino is a Sphynx with shorter legs. While they may not move gracefully like a Sphynx (and may not win a slap fight like in the video), you will still find them prancing, chasing, climbing and hiding like any other cat.

How could there be a downside to owning such and adorable bundle of wrinkly nakedness? Let's take an in-depth look at the good and the bad of these breeds to make sure it's the right choice for you.


The temperament of both breeds is one of the best thing about them. They are extremely affectionate and sweet-tempered. They are one of the friendliest breeds and love a house filled with people and other pets. Both are social, not aloof like other cats. During the day they will often follow you around, rub up against you, and perch on your shoulder. During the night they love nothing more than to cuddle with you under the blankets until the morning. Both of these breeds are very intelligent and also very energetic. They love to seek out adventures around the house. They are always with you, on you or showing off for you. They live for human attention and are like little entertainers. They are a more vocal cat too, chattering and purring to show you their delight. Watch theses sneaky cats though. They have a healthy appetite and have been known to sneak food from their humans when they aren’t looking.

Both Bambino's and Sphynx cats do best when they have a companion, so I encourage owners to have a pair if they are able.

Health Issues

Both the Sphynx and Bambino cats are prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), a condition in which the heart muscle becomes abnormally thick. This is something that our cats are screened for to lessen the chance of the kittens we produce getting this condition. They are also a bit more prone to skin infections since they do not have the hair for protection and dental issues as well. Despite what many websites copy and paste, Bambino's are generally healthy and do not appear to have any major documented health problems that differentiate from the Sphynx. Many websites discuss the possibility of Bambino's having Lordosis (a spinal issue), or Pectus Excavatum (sternum deformity). These conditions occur in normal-sized cats as well as Bambino's and Munchkins and so far there is no correlation between the short-leg genetic mutation and these health problems. We do know that since they have smaller legs, they may be more prone to arthritis as they age. It's a good idea to only let them jump down from as high as they can jump up on their own and it's not a bad idea to look at joint supplements. One thing to keep in mind is that Bambino's are a newer breed, so health issues could arise in breeding programs as breeding continues. As more research is done, all Bambino breeders have a duty to the betterment of the breed to continue learning, documenting and sharing possible issues in litters.

Naked Cat Care

You may not have to spend the time brushing your Sphynx or Bambino, but they are far from maintenance free. All naked cats will need cleansing. Not all love baths but it is something many get used to since it has been a part of their routine since they were still with their mother. If baths are out of the question, I suggest wipes.

How often you bathe your cat is up to you, but a word of warning. A lack of bathing will cause oil marks on your furniture and your cat may be more fragrant, but if you bath too often you will cause your cat to produce more oil. Since every cat is different, I suggest basing your bath schedule on your specific cat's needs.

Naked cats also need their ears and eyes checked at least weekly to see if they need cleaning. Ear cleaner from your vet and some baby wipes make this job pretty easy. Q-tips can be used very gently in the ridges of the ear but NEVER down the canal. Some Sphynx collect grime around their nails and do not clean them themselves. This is easily removed after soaking in the bath. Regular dental care and nail trimming like with all cats is always a good idea as well.

The Elements

The sweaters you see in pictures aren’t just for the cuteness factor. Because of their lack of fur, naked cat owners need to make sure their cat isn’t cold. They love to snuggle in blankets and the little sweaters do keep them a bit warmer. But, usually their favourite place to warm up is on a human.

When the weather is balmy you may decide to give your cat some outside time on a leash. If you do, they will need shade since they have no fur to shield themselves from the sun. Sunscreens aren't recommended since many (even veterinarian approved) contain toxic ingredients, so shade or sun outfits are much safer.


Bambino's and Sphynx cats are not classed as hypo-allergenic breeds since all cats produce dander. However, with no airborne hairs dispersing thedander around the house and the reactive chemical in their saliva being lower, people with cat allergies often do find that they can better tolerate hairless cats.

Sphynx and Bambino Information Page (2024)
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