Keto egg fast recipes (2024)

Keto egg fast recipes (1)

The Keto Egg Fast diet has a few buzz words in it that intrigued me when I first heard about it. As I started looking at all sorts of keto egg fast recipes, I knew I needed to share all about it!

Keto egg fast recipes (2)

About the Keto Egg Fast

First, EGGS. I love eggs, and I love them just about any way they can be prepared. I could honestly eat eggs every single day, but that doesn’t work as a meal plan for the rest of my family!

Second, FAST. Fasting is a trendy way to be healthier. There are various types of fasts, like cleanse and detox fasts, but I think weight loss fasts are the most popular. Fasts either exclude a wide variety of foods or they limit your diet to a very small number of foods and/or drinks.

If you’re interested in fasting with food you must check out my Prolon review!

The goal is to kick start your weight loss. It’s also used to break through a weight plateau. While anyone can do this fast, it’s intended for people on the keto diet because it’s focused on ketogenics and your body’s ketosis.

Finally, KETO. I’ve temporarily hopped on the ketogenic train a few times in the past two years and both times I’ve been thrilled, absolutely thrilled, with the results! I admit, it’s not easy, and starting the keto diet is the hardest part.

But I couldn’t argue with how effective this diet was for me. I dropped 4 pounds after four days on the keto diet. In the end, I had lost 15 pounds after 30 days on keto.

Why didn’t I stay on it? To be completely honest, it’s because I had a vacation and two other trips planned. I knew it would be unhealthy for me to try to stick to the diet and cheat, and I also knew that I would cheat. So I stopped counting carbs.

But now I’m ready to start again, and the keto egg fast is the best place for me to start!

Keto egg fast recipes (3)

What is the Keto Egg Fast?

The keto egg fast is a very restricted keto diet designed to kick start weight loss when done for three to five days. My friend Tessa did the fast for five days and lost 7.5 pounds!

It encourages eating eggs (duh) which are high in protein and generally very filling. It also limits allowed foods to a very specific list, which means you’re definitely following a keto diet if you do this fast.

In addition to the limited diet, there are several rules that also need to be followed on the fast.

What can you eat?

The keto egg fast allows you to eat the following foods:

  • Whole eggs
  • Butter
  • Healthy fats
  • Cheese
  • Black coffee
  • Plain tea
  • Water
  • Diet soda

Keto egg fast recipes (4)

What are the rules?

Be prepared, because there are plenty of rules to follow! It’s not complicated. I think it’s pretty intuitive if you keep in mind that you’re consuming just protein and fat for the duration.

  1. You must consume 1 tablespoon of butter or healthy fat per egg consumed. Real mayonnaise is permitted as a fat.
  2. You must eat on the schedule even if you’re not hungry.
  3. You must eat a whole egg within 30 minutes of waking up.
  4. Eat an egg-based meal every three to five hours.
  5. Stop eating three hours before you go to bed.
  6. At least six whole eggs should be consumed daily.
  7. Seasonings should be less than 1g net carbs per egg, up to 5g in net carbs per day.
  8. You may eat one ounce of full fat cheese per egg, up to four ounces per day.
  9. Drink at 8 8-ounce glasses of water each day.
  10. Diet soda intake should be limited to three servings per day.
Keto egg fast recipes (5)

What are the biggest challenges of this diet?

After reading both the list of allowed foods and the rules for the fast, I’m sure it’s easy to see the hardest part.

The first challenge is the restrictive nature of the fast. All your meals, all your food intake, is centered around eggs. If you’re eating, you may be having cheese and seasonings, but you’re also definitely eating eggs with those things.

Thankfully, some very smart people have come up with a bunch of creative keto egg fast recipes to help you get through the short-term fast. Those recipes can be found below.

The other difficult part is the fact that it will just feel unhealthy. Eating only eggs and fat and cheese all day, for several days in a row will do that. You can’t have vegetables or fruit while fasting.

You may also crave some crunch if you stick to traditionally prepared eggs and cheese. Thankfully, there are ways to prepare your cheese to help you get past that craving.

What are easy foods to eat on the Keto Egg Fast?

In a way, the rules make it pretty easy to eat and stick to the plan. Yes, it’s restrictive, but you can totally chose to keep it simple. You just need to prepare eggs.

Keto egg fast recipes (6)

Easy keto egg fast recipes

This list is hardly even recipes. It’s just a few suggestions for easy ways to get your required fat and eggs in while you’re on the diet.

  • Scrambled eggs in butter
  • Fried eggs in butter
  • Hard boiled eggs with coconut oil on the side
  • Poached eggs with melted butter on top
  • Chopped hard boiled eggs with mayonnaise

Keto egg fast recipes (7)

Keto Egg Fast Recipes

The above list of easy recipes will get you through if you don’t need variety, but you might need something different. This is especially true if you’re fasting for the full five days.

I’ve found the best keto egg fast recipes to share with you! Check them out and let me know if you try them.

One thing I love about this list is that it includes some desserts. Keep in mind that the desserts usually have a 0 net carb sweetener in the recipe. Don’t make those recipes if you’re going to be totally strict with the diet.

Make these recipes:

Keto egg fast recipes (8)

Don’t these egg fast waffles look delicious? I don’t even understand how a combination of eggs and cream cheese can end up looking like this!

Keto egg fast recipes (9)

There’s something about deviled eggs, and these are so much more than a party food!

Pasta! You can have pasta with sauce if you use these two keto egg diet recipes for the fettuccini noodles and alfredo sauce. Yum!

Keto egg fast recipes (11)

Traditional garlic bread is definitely not low-carb, so I love seeing something like this recipe!

Keto egg fast recipes (12)

A grilled cheese is like the opposite of fried eggs. Which is a weird comparison. But if you’re tired of eggs, this recipe for a grilled cheese fits into the rules!

Keto egg fast recipes (13)

Egg fast or not, regular gnocchi is never a keto food. So this recipe for faux gnocchi made with just eggs, cheese and a few seasonings would be a great way to mix up your meals!

Keto egg fast recipes (14)

Let me tell you, spicy – or even spiced – food didn’t even cross my mind when I was thinking about egg fast recipes. But this recipe expanded my horizons!

Keto egg fast recipes (15)

The Cheddar Bay biscuits are the only reason to go to Red Lobster. Give this keto diet version a try!

Keto egg fast recipes (16)

I’m all about deviled eggs and this recipe looks delicious!

Keto egg fast recipes (17)

I love that hot sauce, including my favorite brand, is keto friendly! Make this buffalo sauce omelette!

Keto egg fast recipes (18)

Quiche is one of my favorite foods. This crustless quiche recipe is a natural for this fast!

Keto egg fast recipes (19)

Noodles always seem so forbidden on keto. It’s usually best to try not to even think about them! I just found thisketo egg noodle recipe that may change everything!

Keto egg fast recipes (20)

This recipe for pesto wheels would be a great way to change up the routine!

Keto egg fast recipes (21)

More buffalo sauce makes me happy! Check out this easy recipe for keto buffalo pasta.

Keto egg fast recipes (22)

Keto cloud bread is also great for the egg fast diet! There’s a great recipe here, and there’s a bonus recipe! You can also can see how to use it for egg sandwiches.

Keto egg fast recipes (23)

This recipe for keto buffalo wing dip incorporates eggs in an unexpected way, and I’m super interested in how it tastes!

Keto egg fast recipes (24)

I made chaffles, chaffles and more chaffles when I did keto last time. This mini waffle maker makes the perfect size!

Keto egg fast recipes (25)

Egg fast crepes require a bit of sugar substitute, so this dish doesn’t perfectly fit the guidelines. Still, if you’re craving something sweet it’s better than breaking or cheating on your diet!

Keto egg fast recipes (26)

I saved the best-looking one for last. The creator of this recipe says that it’s “sort of” ice cream and instead calls it a custard. Either way, ice cream is a welcome treat while fasting!

One commenter suggested using strong black coffee instead of water, which makes it sound even better!

See how to increase your protein intake when you’re done with the fast.

Keto egg fast recipes (2024)
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